Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Paper terrain

Since my friends and I recently came back to Warhammer (or, to be more precise, to Regiments of Renown and Mordheim), we realized that we have problem with our available terrain pieces. We had lots of forests, hills, walls, hedges, even some cool towers... but no buildings.

We immediately decided that we do not want to buy models of buildings - the time that we can dedicate to our hobbies is already limited and we really did not want to assemble and paint buildings. On top of that, it was an expensive option. For the same reason (the cost), we decided not to order custom-made terrain (but we may actually order some specific terrain pieces in the future). So, we started exploring cheap(er) alternatives - and one of them was paper terrain.

The solution that worked for us perfectly were Dave Graffam's paper models (http://davesgames.net/). This is probably one of the best (and cheapest!) ways to get cool looking buildings for your gaming table. Not only that you can find many different buildings in the web store, but some of them also come with multiple skins - so you can print the same building in several variations! I bought a few of them and was really impressed with the results. Buildings were printed on 300gsm paper and look great on the table.

The picture below show the first two buildings I have assembled - I managed to finish them both in about hour and a half, which is also great (but I could be a bit more patient, because I messed up some details on the smaller building... Argh!). 

We should use these buildings in our next game, so expect a full battle report, together with pictures!

Thursday, July 21, 2016


Last weekend, I have finished painting my Skulltaker. I am planning on using it as a leader for my Daemons of Chaos Regiment, but I also have a small 500-point Khorne Daemonkin army where he can be used as well. I wanted to finish the model quickly - and not obsess over the details as much as I usually do. In the same time, I wanted to achieve the similar quality of the paintjob as with my other minis (or something close). So, here's the final result:

And here's Skulltaker on my shelf, hanging out with some Bloodletters:

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

New models - Beastmen

Yesterday, my Beastmen unit arrived, so I will be adding some Gors to my Hordes of Chaos Regiment. I started assembling them - basically, what I am aiming for is the combination of shields and hand weapons for everyone (and some cool poses, of course). I assembled only two last night, but the rest will be finished by the end of the week. 

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