Sunday, August 28, 2016

Old GW brochures and a bit of history

Recently, I found some old GW brochures from the 90s - they were placed in one of the binders together with some of my old illustrations. I was happy to find out that they were still in decent condition, because these brochures introduced me to the Warhammer and miniature games in general. At that time (second half of 90s) it was very hard to find GW stuff in Serbia (Yugoslavia back then). The country was recovering from war (conflict in Bosnia has just ended), economic sanctions and catastrophic inflation. There was only a handful of people who knew anything about Warhammer. I stumbled upon some of them by pure chance - they were also attending classes in the comic book workshop in Belgrade. However, it was not until I got these brochures that I realized how huge Warhammer  hobby can really be.

The first one I got from a friend that visited his relatives in Norway, the second one from a friend who spent summer with his relatives in Canada. I have no idea how I got the third one, so it's probably going to remain a mystery. It's also badly damaged - it misses the first page.

I spent countless hours just looking at these brochures. Unfortunately, that was all I could do, because in post-crisis economy, miniatures were considered a luxury. My parents gave me a bit of money to buy a handful of minis - it wasn't enough for starting an army and each mini was from a different faction, but it was enough to start a new hobby (and spark my love for Warhammer and Warhammer 40K lore in general). One thing I clearly remember regarding these brochures is that I especially liked the picture where two guys were playing a game on a gaming table - because I imagined doing the same with my friends. Eventually, I was able to do the same - just many years later, after I finished the college and found the job that allowed me to build my miniatures collection.

Here are some more pictures from these brochures:

Saturday, August 20, 2016

New models: Archaon

I was wondering which model should I use to represent Chaos Knight in Regiments of Renown games. Of course, regular Chaos Knights were my first choice, simply because they look great and they can be customized. I was also considering Varanguard, but I didn't want to pay the for the unit box in order to get just one model (and I was unable to find anyone willing to part with his Varanguard bitz). Then I remebered Archaon, Lord of The End Times model and realized it could be a perfect fit for my Chaos Warriors Regiment. I got the model for a good price - it was missing a base, but I used one of the spare Warmachine bases I had (since bases are not so important in RoR games). The model itself looks amazing and I cannot wait to paint it - and since this format focuses on individual models, I think it's going to look very cool as a leader of small band of Warriors.  However, there are still some gaps between the parts after assembling, so there's a bit of work left to do before I start painting.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Regiments of Renown: Chaos Warriors

Few weeks ago, I started painting models for my Chaos Warriors Regiment of Renown. Since RoR format focuses on individual models/characters (and since I love Chaos Warriors), I wanted to use some really cool models to represent the members of the Regiment. I ended up using Chosen and Exalted Hero models and I am very satisfied with the final result. Of course, Chosen are going to be used as regular Chaos Warriors, but that's fine. My playng group prefers having great looking models and we do not blindly stick to WYSIWYG all the time (which means we always make reasonable exceptions). So far, I painted 4 members (out of seven), so there are three more to go. Here are currently finished members in all their glory:

Sunday, August 7, 2016

New Beastmen models!

Recently I traded one of my Warmachine minis for some old(er) Warhammer models. I wanted to get some additional Beastmen models that I could use in Regiments of Renown or Mordheim games. I am very happy because I managed to get some Centigors, that I converted a bit, using parts from Beastmen platic kit. These guys are going to be very fun to paint (and play)! I also got one of the Beastmen warriors that was part of Tuskgor Chariot crew - I replaced his right hand, because I did not like the original one. He is a great looking model, and he's going to be either the leader of the regiment, or one of the Veterans. The trade also included several old Bestigor models (one of them is pictured below), as well as the old metal Bray-Shaman model (not shown on pictures).  

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Chaos Hellbrute

Besides playing Regiments of Renown, I also play a bit of Warhammer 40K. Since I love all things Chaos, Khorne Daemonkin was my army of choice. I assembled small 500 point force and I plan to buy some more models in the future, to add a bit more variety to my lists. One of the first models that I painted for my Khorne Daemonkin army was Hellbrute (the one from Dark Vengeance set) - I know that many people do not consider him very powerful, but I simply love the model (and I bought most of my minis based on how they look, anyway :D).  Here are some pictures of this bad boy - the only thing that needs to be done is the base: