Saturday, August 20, 2016

New models: Archaon

I was wondering which model should I use to represent Chaos Knight in Regiments of Renown games. Of course, regular Chaos Knights were my first choice, simply because they look great and they can be customized. I was also considering Varanguard, but I didn't want to pay the for the unit box in order to get just one model (and I was unable to find anyone willing to part with his Varanguard bitz). Then I remebered Archaon, Lord of The End Times model and realized it could be a perfect fit for my Chaos Warriors Regiment. I got the model for a good price - it was missing a base, but I used one of the spare Warmachine bases I had (since bases are not so important in RoR games). The model itself looks amazing and I cannot wait to paint it - and since this format focuses on individual models, I think it's going to look very cool as a leader of small band of Warriors.  However, there are still some gaps between the parts after assembling, so there's a bit of work left to do before I start painting.

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