Sunday, October 2, 2016


Since the moment I saw Sylvaneth "Start Collecting" box for the first time, I knew that, at some point, I am going to buy it. The miniatures look fantastic and I could use them both in Regiments of Renown and Warbands games (tohether with old Wood Elf rules, yay!). I also wanted to change things a bit, since I mostly collect various Chaos models and wanted something completely different. However, I was also interested in trying out Age of Sigmar and this looked like a perfect place to start. 

Since Age of Sigmar came out, there was a lot of discussion online and offline about the game and the new rules. At first, I was very sad because Old World was destroyed and could not picture myself playing the new game. However, as the time passed, my opinion gradually changed: GW kept publishing interesting stuff and new models looked better and better. Also, I liked the whole idea of "play what you want" and the lack of points (because I am more casual than tournament player), despite the fact that almost everyone I knew hated it or considered it a strange way to play. When "General's handbook" was published, not only that points were assigned to the models, but many interesting scenarios and game modes were described in the book. Lot of these scenarios and rules could be used in formats that my friends and I were playing (Regiments of Renown and Warbands) and I already have many ideas for abilities and magical items. However, I also decided to give AoS a try and buy some more models, so I can make several small forces for different factions. Expect to see some battle reports soon!